Chemical Dependency - Whether it is alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc., addiction can negatively ruin your life. We don’t just work on the actual addiction, but all that surrounds it, including life skills, coping skills, etc.

Co-Dependency - Co-dependency is a difficult issue as well.  We encourage significant others, parents, wife, husband, etc to work on this, including what is enabling and what is helpful.  It’s a very difficult situation to be in.  Family meetings are important and people must be taught to make appropriate changes.  Addiction is a family disease.

ADHD & Life Coaching - ADHD is rampant.  However, there is an answer – Medication is not always the answer by itself.  Coaching a person, utilizing a notebook, phone, individual sessions and other tools are important.  Since there are a variety of types of ADHD, a good assessment is first.  Life coaching may be the issue, working on life issues and how to deal with them and help one from stressing out too much.

Impaired Professionals - Sensitivity to the Impaired Professionals as well as others.  I have worked for many years with Health Care Professional Doctors, Nurses, etc.

Referral To Detox - When appropriate I will refer to the right detox, inpatient or outpatient facility after complete assessment has been made.

Drug Screening - Screens are done right in my office:  Instant, Chain of Custody, as well as Hair Tests.

Multi Diagnosed Patients - I work with many diagnoses, including Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety and Addictions.

I will make proper referrals when needed whether that are for marriage, counseling, or other specialties. We believe in the “Joys of Recovery” and will help the addict learn to enjoy life without the use of chemicals. You have a choice in how you feel and act.